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Vitality value changes from recording to recording. Why?

Vitality is changing all day. In the active time zone and the relaxing time zone the Vitality value is different. Since everyone changes the state of the mind depending on the speaker and the timing of speaking please continue to recording until the value of Mental Activity value stabilizes without feeling joy and sorrow as Vitality value rise and fall.
By the way Although it has nothing to do with the characteristics of Vitality the calculation result may change in environments with large background noises. Spontaneous Speech Recording Analysis Fixed Speech Recording Analysis page for the magnitude of the sound being input to the microphone so please check if there is a big noise.

Mental Activity value is low even though I do not feel bad.

We often compare Mental Activity values to body temperature. 50 is average of all but there are people whose average value is higher or lower than average of all. if it is stable with a low value and there is no particular disorder it is your normal value so please monitor the state of mental health based on how much it fluctuates from that line.

What is utterance?

We define that one utterance is the range that you can speak from a breathing to a next breathing.

Is there a difference between calling voice and reading?

Yes that's right. Generally the Vitality value with reading voice is lower than calling. We guess that most people read a sentence with more calm feelings.

Is there a difference depending on age?

We're not sure. But because we guess that the vocal chords' tension is different depending on age and it affects the result we are proceeding with the verification of difference of generation.

Is there a gender difference?

In algorithm development gender differences were eliminated as much as possible. However there are individual differences.

Though it is said that Mental Activity value is analyzed from data for two weeks should I wait two weeks from the start of use?

If there is at least one Vitality Mental Activity value can be calculated. However accuracy increases as the number of Vitality increases. It is desirable to continually acquire Vitality many times every day.

The hay fever and colds affect the analysis results?

Yes they affect the result because their voice is clearly different from ordinary ones.

Can I know the health condition of animals?

MIMOSYS® is only for a human.

Does MIMOSYS®support children as well?

MIMOSYS® is not applied to children. Use by people over the 18 years old. is not applied to children. Use by people over the 18 years old.

My Mental Activity value is too low. Am I sick?

This application does not diagnose illness it is an application to just quantify the state of mind. If you are aware of the reason why Mental Activity is lowered we recommend that you see a doctor or receive counseling.

Can the person with depression use MIMOSYS®?

It is not a medical device so anyone can use it.

Can it be used in a noisy environment?

As noise may affect the analysis result please use it in a quiet environment as possible.

Does the low Vitality value mean that I have depression?

Even with normal people Vitality will be low depending on the situation so low Vitality may not necessarily indicate something bad. People who are tired tend to be low so it may be better to try refreshing once if the low Vitality continues.

What part of the voice is analyzed? Why can the mental state be analyzed from the voice?

MIMOSYS® is designed based on the emotion recognizing technology from vocal characteristic and analyzes the state of the person's mind from the feature that people with depressive tendency disappear from the emotional expression. For details refer to the following the paper.

・CASE STUDIES OF UTILIZATION OF THE MIND MONITORING SYSTEM (MIMOSYS®) USING VOICE AND ITS FUTURE PROSPECTS Shinohara S et al. International EDEN(Exploratory Domains of Econophysics News) - IX (Pitesti) 2017.10.14

What should I do for raising the Vitality value?

According to the result of the following study The light exercise tends to make Vitality rise. Please try it before measuring Vitality.

・Validity of a voice-based evaluation method for effectiveness of behavioural therapy Shinohara S et al. 5th International Symposium on Pervasive Computing Paradigms for Mental Health MINDCARE 2015 (Milan) 2015.9.23-25 [ pdf ]

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