MIMOSYS®(Mind Monitoring System) is a technology to monitor mind status by voice, which is difficult to notice even by himself. Only "voice" is necessary for analysis of MIMOSYS®. It does not hurt like an injection. MIMOSYS® focuses on the involuntary reaction of the vocal cords and analyzes mind status from the various pattern of the voice's frequency, etc. For example, are you nervous with public announcements, have you not experienced a raise? Vocal tone tension can not be manipulated by person itself, this is involuntary reaction of the vocal cord. Since MIMOSYS® detects the involuntary reaction, there is no reporting bias (self-evaluation by the subject's consciousness / unconsciousness) in self-writing, and it can not lie. Thus, MIMOSYS® accurately analyzes your mind status.


Vitality, Mental activity

MIMOSYS® lets you know your mind status as "Vitality" and "Mental Activity". "Vitality" represents the short-term mind status at the time of measurement, "Mental Activity" represents the long-term mind status for the past 2 weeks. In the case of a healthy person, the "Vitality" tends to rise and fall depending on the speaking partner and contents. For example, if it is an enjoyable conversation with a friend, the "Vitality" tends to be higher. On the other hand, when my boss gets angry it tends to be low. However, in the case of a patient, the expression of emotion becomes poor, and the "Vitality" does not go up or down depending on the speaker and content. What we emphasize is watching trends in the "Mental Activity". It is desirable that "Mental Activity" keeps a constant value like "Body Temperature". The most important is the case when the "Mental Activity" gradually declines. Since it means that the state of the mind is getting worse, we recommend that you refresh your body and mind, such as going home early and going to a hot spring on weekends.


How to use

In contemporary society, mental health problem due to stress is an issue, the onset of depression causes employee turnover. In order to deal with the problem, monitoring technology that can easily check depression state and daily stress level is nessesary. Even MIMOSYS® is not a medical device, you can visualize the ups and downs of your daily mind status. By creating a monitoring system with MIMOSYS®, industrial physicians can use it as a tool to monitor daily mind status of employees.



MIMOSYS® is medically validated by Dr. Tokuno, Project Associate Professor of Voice Analysis of Pathophysiology at Graduate School of Medicine, The University of Tokyo.
The result of medical verification:Distinguish patients from healthy subjects using MIMOSYS®
As accuracy verification of MIMOSYS®, he attempted to distinguish "patient", including major depression, cerebral infarction, etc., from "healthy person"*1. The result shown in the above figure met over 90 % of correct diagnosis rate. Thus, we found that MIMOSYS® can be an indicator of mental health. For further accuracy verification, we conduct a social implementation study "A study of voice-based health status monitoring using a smartphone" for various people (men and women aged 16 years and over). Everyone can participate, so please join us if you do not mind. [Participation in "A study of voice-based health status monitoring using a smartphone", The Voice Analysis of Pathophysiology]

*1 This result does not guarantee the accuracy as a medical device.


Sales form: Supported environment

MIMOSYS® is provided as MIMOSYS® SDK (Software Development Kit). Please contact us for more information.
  • Platforms(tested)
    Windows : Windows 10(Environment : Visual C++)
    Linux : CentOS 7.4 or higher, Ubuntu 16.04 or higher*2 (Environment : GCC 4.8)
    Android, iOS
  • Data Format
    11.025 kHz, 16 bit (Recommended)
  • Hardware
    CPU : Intel Celeron Processor
    Memory : 512 MB RAM or higher (Recommended)
*2 Please inquire about other distributions.

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